Get Lost In A Stunning Sunflower Field At This Farm Just Outside Miami

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Get Lost In A Stunning Sunflower Field At This Farm Just Outside Miami

The Berry Farm is home to a stupendous field of sunflowers, offering sunflower-picking and the perfect photo ops all year round!

Further up North, sunflowers usually signal the end of the summer, but luckily for us Miamians, we get to enjoy these beautiful rays of sunshine on Earth all year round thanks to our warmer weather and the Berry Farms!

Located in the Redlands, just 35 minutes away from Downtown Miami, the Berry Farms has been part of the Redlands Farm community for the past 60 years and offers tons of agricultural experiences for visitors all the way from Pick-your-own farms to incredible food and super fun festivals and, of course, year-round sunflowers.

The farm is home to a sprawling field of dazzling sunflowers that is too stunning to miss out on and at the Berry Farms, these beautiful flowers bloom all year round which means you get to take home your pick of the lot any time you want.  Plus, Berry Farms also offers tons of photo ops, including a totally adorable camper van and a pink tractor, for you to capture the perfect sunny shot to share with your followers. It’s the perfect Instagrammable spot in which to indulge your nature-loving side!


Of course, the fun doesn’t end with campervans surrounded by bright yellow flowers. Berry Farms offers tons of more activities to try out while you’re there including an eatery and ice cream parlor in which to enjoy all kinds of scrumptious snacks for breakfast, brunch and lunch, as well as tons of more seasonal fun including a Fall Harvest Festival, Halloween activities, corn mazes and a Strawberry festival which showcases Berry Farms’ “cream of the crop” strawberries.

The Berry Farms are currently closed for the off-season but will soon reopen its doors on Wednesday, September 1, with a brand new corn maze and, of course, tons of more sunflower fun!

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