23 Most Instagrammable Spots In Miami

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23 Most Instagrammable Spots In Miami

Miami-fy your feed with a shot of these totally stunning spots!

Are you always on the hunt for the perfect Miami photo op? These Instagrammable spots in the Magic City make for the perfect background for a great photo!

Make sure to scroll down for a handy dandy map so you can come up with your own super Instagrammable tour!

1. Miami Design District

Designer handbags and Gucci belts aside, Miami Design District is full of incredible permanent and temporary photo ops and the best part about these is that they’re free!

2. Fendi Store Miami

Fendi’s bright colonnade in the Design District is the perfect background to add a pop of color and sunshine to your feed!

3. Museum Garage

Masterminded by five architecture studios, Museum Garage is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s totally wacky yet super awesome façade is totally IG-worthy as is its interior where you’ll find more wonderful photo ops such as its bright pink staircase and its colorful, splattered rooftop. Its bold colors and original design make it a total must when it comes to Instagramming Miami.

4. Dior Caffé

Elevate your morning coffee and your Insta feed on one go at the Dior Caffé. Hidden atop Dior’s boutique in Miami’s Design District this totally Insta-worthy pop-up coffee shop offers totally gram-worthy lattes in an equally Instagrammable setting.

5. Buckminster’s Fuller Fly’s Eye Dome

Wander through the Design District to find this odd-looking yet totally interesting art installation. Designed in 1965, this work of art was originally the blueprint of low-cost portable housing. Nowadays, it’s both a wonderful piece of modern art and an incredible photo-op that looks super cool no matter what angle you take a picture from.

6. Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Probably the least Miami Instagrammable destination on this list, but totally perfect if you feel like pretending you’ve been whisked off to a Greek island. Not only are the decor and ambiance straight out of a dream at Mandolin, but so is its food so make sure to snap a pic or two before digging in (if you can resist the temptation!)

7. Wynwood Walls

Is it a bit cliché? Yes. Is it a bit too touristy? Also yes. But Wynwood Walls is a total classic of the Miami art scene and a definite must-have on your list of Miami Instagram shots. Whether you choose to capture the murals by themselves or set them up as background to your next selfie, these gorgeous murals are bound to elevate and totally Miami-fy your feed.

8. ASTRA Miami

This awesome rooftop in Wynwood is the perfect photo-op all the way from its bright pink, butterfly-covered exterior to its totally pink interior and dazzling rooftop views.

9. Pérez Art Museum

Show off your artsy side by posing with one of the awesome art installations inside the Pérez Art Museum or capture its hanging garden and lush garden for some urban-tropical vibes.

10. Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Whether you’re into science or not, you’ll find the Frost Museum of Science to be pretty darn cool and super Instagrammable too!  Especially its three-story aquarium at the Power of Science exhibit, this spot offers quite literally a window into life underwater and it’s simply mesmerizing.

11. SOBE is LOVE

Created by renowned Italian artist Claudio Ciaravolo to launch the SoBe is Love public art project a few Art Basels ago, this sculpture symbolizes the project’s message of love and community unity in light of post-election political divide and an epidemic of national gun violence and highlights intercultural principles of hope and faith. The SOBE sculpturer pays tribute to the late artist Robert Indiana, whose sculptures are universally recognized as symbolic of these same messages, and looks totally cute in pink.

12. Casa Florida

This all-pink art deco bar in Little Havana offers endless possibilities when it comes to getting the perfect shot. In fact the whole place is super Instagrammable from its cute cocktails to the pink trailer bar and its tropical patio.


13. Historic Art Deco District

Speaking of Art Deco… The historic Art Deco district in Miami Beach is full of architectural gems that are not only a pleasure to look at but will also add a little bit of spice and artsy distinction to your feed.

14. Ocean Drive

Also very touristy? Yes, but could you conceive of a Miami Instagram feed without a shot of Ocean Drive’s dazzling neon lights? We couldn’t! Beautiful both day and night Ocean Drive is a total must when it comes to Instagrammable Miami spots!

15. The Colony Hotel

This totally iconic hotel on Ocean Drive makes for the perfect Art Deco shot all by itself.

16. Cavalier Hotel

Designed by architect Roy F. France in 1936, the Cavalier Hotel is an absolute masterpiece of the Art Deco movement in Miami. This beautiful hotel doesn’t always make it to everybody’s feed so it’s a great alternative for a unique and original Instagram post.


17. Beach Park Hotel

This 1929 hotel is another original member of the Art Deco district in Miami and its palm trees, marbled floors, and red-accented exterior wall will add a subtle pop of color to your feed!

18. Big Pink

Pink lovers cannot miss out on this retro diner in Miami. Its deco pink exterior combined with the pink buggy parked right out front make this spot the perfect Instagrammable spot for you!

19. The lifeguard houses in Miami Beach

Is there something more Miami than Miami Beach’s lifeguard stands? Coming in all different shapes, sizes, and colors these bright houses are perfect for Instagram. There are about 40 of them spread out on the beach, will you capture them all?

20. Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore’s 1926 in Coral Gables offers endless photo-ops all the way from its Towering façade to its sprawling gardens and colonnades. This historic landmark is the perfect spot for going crazy with your Instagram shoot and endless possibilities!

21. Ancient Spanish Monastery

Perfect for pretending you’ve been whisked away to a European Medieval paradise. The gorgeous monastery of Bernard de Clairvaux has been in North Miami Beach since the 60s but its history goes back all the way to 12th-century medieval Spain!

22. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Featuring Baroque and Mediterranean elements, James Deering’s historic Vizcaya Estate is one of Miami’s most Instagrammable destinations!

23. Bill Baggs State Park & the Cape Florida Lighthouse

This idyllic park is perfect for adding tropical vibes to your feed. The views from the lighthouse are pretty amazing but don’t forget to photograph the lighthouse itself for a totally iconic Miami shot!

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