38 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Miami Without Telling Me You’re From Miami”

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

38 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Miami Without Telling Me You’re From Miami”

Can you guess how many are in Spanglish?

Ya tu sabes que Miami is a whole world in itself. From flying chanclas to free mangoes galore and croquetas, there’s just some things that people living in Miami will truly understand. We wanted to know exactly what those things are, so we asked our readers the question… and boy, did they deliver. Without further ado, here are our Instagram and Facebook followers’ best responses to “Tell me you’re from Miami without telling me you’re from Miami”:

1. Bienvenido a Mayami chico💋

2. Dalé!😎

3. Irregardless

Excuse me, pero “irregardless” is an actual word. Look it up!

4. Supposably

5. Yeah no yeah

6. Que bolaaaa!

7. I drink cafecito at 3:05pm

8. Colada everyday!

9. I run on cuban time only

10. “I am almost bilingual in Spanish.”

11. “I have a Cuban accent and I’m not Cuban”

12. “From April til September, it rains every day between 3-6PM.”

13. “Oh it’s only a Category 1.”


14. “Viene huracán, compra croquetas.”

“A hurricane is coming, buy croquetas.”

15. Croquetas de Isla Canarias 😍

16. “Sorry papo we are out of croquetas😢 “

Sadder words were never spoken.

17. SALmon…salmon.

18. “A customer hired my company to install a camera on his mango tree so he could see who was taking his mangoes!”

19. “Would you like some mangoes from my tree?”



20. “I’ve never had to buy mangoes.”

21. Arroz con frijoles everywhere

22. I have at least 9 Flannigans cups in rotation at all times

23. “You know, like, let’s just go to like Flannigans bro.”

24. Just… Flannigans.

25. “I live where you vacation”

26. “Gualmart”

With accent on the “G.”

27, “I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

28. “As SOON as it turns 60 DEGREES, ALL of the winter clothes are coming out! (I’m talking Ugg’s, full on down coats, and furs)🤣”


29. “What is a turn signal?”

30. “La Chancla! ….. that is all”

A weapon of mass destruction 😳

31. “I ain’t got time por esso”

32. It’s not ice cream, it’s the afilador

If you know, you know.

33. “Morning news says “average” speeds on freeways are 82 mph, posted speed limit 55”

34. “Bro she was dancing in the club looking like a Pata sucia!”

35. “Estoy parkeando”

36. “Pero, like, Bro it literally, like literally is what it is. Relax con take it easy, It’s super bro. Absolutely Super. Y el Mikinbin se cree el big whopper.”

There’s no translation for this. It literally is what it is.

37. “There’s casual flip flops and going out flip flops.”

38. “Le tengo más miedo a que se rompa el Aire acondicionado que a los huracanes🤣”

“I’m more afraid of my AC breaking down than of hurricanes”

 Honestly… SAME.

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