10 Last Minute Ideas To Celebrate The Long Labor Day Weekend In Miami

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10 Last Minute Ideas To Celebrate The Long Labor Day Weekend In Miami

 Celebrate the end of summer in the city!

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for you to plan a fun long weekend in Miami. From wildlife watching in the Everglades to pool partying in South Beach, here are some of our recommendations:

1. Let your worries float away and check out a lazy river near Miami

Is there something more relaxing than just floating downstream through crystalline blue waters underneath a lush canopy of trees? Florida’s nature is absolutely breathtaking and luckily for us, Mother Nature had our backs when she decided to bless the local landscape with plenty of beautiful lazy rivers on which we can just let our cares and worries float away for the day. So grab your swimsuit and grab your floaties and get on exploring these delightful lazy rivers around Miami for a totally relaxing outing!

2. Explore bioluminescent waters before the season’s over

Caused by a chemical reaction, bioluminescence is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs when living organisms react to water,  lighting it up with an ethereal blue glow. In Indian River Lagoon, near Titusville, there are several places in which to witness this utterly captivating spectacle. Jump on a kayak or a paddleboard and go cruising through the Lagoon as you surround yourself with the ethereal blue glow of the glittering waters. As you paddle your way through, you’ll notice how the neon blue waters light up everything they touch like little fish and seagrass down below, and even manatees if you’re lucky enough

3. Escape down to Islamorada and jump on your very own tiki boat or visit a boho hideout

At the dreamy island of Islamorada, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a free-spirited, coastal paradise. Just a short drive from Downtown Miami, this idyllic island is the perfect destination for fishing aficionados and those looking to explore the beauty of the Florida Keys. Check out the Village Square at the Trading Post to shop for some unique finds, stroll through its gorgeous beaches and hop on to an awesome motorized tiki bar to sail off into the sunset –It’ll be a magical day!


4. Plan a long weekend away from Miami

The Magic City is full of awesome things to do, see and eat, but we all feel like venturing out into the world every now and then. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 awesome day trips from  Miami. We’ve organized them from closest to furthest to make deciding where to go easier. Check them out here!


5. Grab underwater cocktails with the Little Mermaid

You’re staying in the city? No problem! Why not go under the sea and meet up with the Little Mermaid for a unique cocktail experience? This enchanted cocktail experience will deliver a spellbinding immersive journey beneath the waves, where magic, desire, and cocktails combine for an unforgettable adventure. Cocktails will be themed around scenes from the classic tale, and a cast of actors and performers will help bring the story to life. Book your tickets here. 

6. Bid summer goodbye with a pool party

Chilling under the sun, sipping on cocktails, and cooling off by the pool of some of the trendiest hotels in the 305 — Pool parties are a total staple of summer in Miami so why not bid the season goodbye at one of the best pool parties in Miami?

7. Explore Miami’s most surreal places 

From ancient temples to engineering wonders that look straight out of this planet, Miami is full of hidden gems to discover (or rediscover!) that you simply won’t believe are hiding in plain sight in the Greater Miami area. So if international travel is a no-go for you once again this year — or even if it isn’t– get on exploring our beautiful city and go on the hunt for these 7 surreal places that will have you traveling to other magical worlds without even leaving the 305!

8. Discover Japanese culture in South Florida

Did you know South Florida holds a century-old connection with Japan? Tucked away in Delray Beach, the Morikami Museum & Gardens was once home to a colony of young Japanese farmers seeking to revolutionize Florida’s agricultural techniques. Nowadays, the enchanting 16-acre estate is home to hundreds of unique species of Japanese flora, winding paths, and carefully designed gardens that will make you feel you’ve been transported to Japan in one fell swoop!

9. Enter a magical secret garden in Vero Beach

Filled with lush greens, this magical oasis in Vero Beach is home to some whimsical creations and botanical wonders that will make you feel like you’ve wandered into a fantastic fairytale land. Weave your way through McKee Botanical gardens and discover natural wonders like giant mushrooms that look straight out of Wonderland as well as other curious man-made structures the Grand Central Stickwork Sculpture by artists Patrick and Sam Daugherty in the Royal Palm Grove area or their astonishing fairy-like kitchen sculpture!

10. Go wildlife watching!

There’s a truly unique blend of plants and animals that from time-to-time we should sit back and appreciate. These, in conjunction with all our beautiful dogs we see running around the 305 daily, give us a truly mindblowing collection of nature to gawk at. Whether it’s gators in the Everglades or the crashing waterfalls of Jungle Island, this is your guide of where to catch the very best of Miami’s natural environment.

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