83 Fantastic Things Miamians Should Add To Their Fall Bucket List

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83 Fantastic Things Miamians Should Add To Their Fall Bucket List

Happy Fall, y’all!

Summer has officially ended and the air will not be getting crisper nor will the leaves turn brown, but that doesn’t mean we cannot still get into the spirit of the most basic season of them all — Fall. Soon, hurricane season will come to an end giving way to endless sunny days, spooky vibes and the smell of everything pumpkin spice wafting in the air. So like we did with summer, we’re rounding up the must-dos of the season all the way from corn mazes to the spookiest of places.

So if you’re looking at your weekends and wondering what will you do, just scroll through this article, we’ve got a few ideas that could be to your liking!

1. Get lost in a corn maze

The Berry Farms

The Berry Farms in the Redlands has just reopened for the fall season and it has a giant 5-acre corn maze.  Located just 30 minutes south of Downtown Miami, is the perfect spot to go and enjoy  all kinds of fun fall activities, including a giant corn maze with the shape of the Berry Farms’ logo. Take a look at it here.

2-3. Get spooky with these hauntingly beautiful concerts by Candlelight

Fever’s wildly popular Candlelight concert series is back just in time for the spooky season. This October, let the ominous yet melodic sounds of the violin possess you as you enjoy your favorite Halloween classics surrounded by flickering candles.

4-8. Pick the perfect pumpkin

Ana Essentiels / Unsplash

Is there something more autumnal than pumpkins? Probably not. Pumpkins are the predilect fruit of Fall. they’re in our lattes, our pies, cookies and even donuts sometimes. Nor is there something quite like a perfectly carved jack-o-lantern to get you into the mood for the spooky season. The versatile orange fruit is a total staple of fall, that’s why we’ve put together alist of the best pumpkin patches in the area so you can pick out the perfect Miami gourd!

  • Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival
  • The Berry Farms, Redland
  • Pinto’s Farm, Redland
  • Mr. Jack-O-Lantern’s Pumpkins, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Pumpkin Towne, Wellington, FL

9-15. Go on a reinvigorating fall hike 


t’s safe to say Miami is one of the best cities in the country, but our beloved Magic City is also surrounded by some absolutely stunning wilderness.  From the sprawling paths of that lead to the heart of the Everglades to the more urban trails of Matheson Hammock Park, explore the great outdoors at these seven gorgeous spots, perfect for hikers of all levels. Oh and don’t forget to bring your camera with you cause these gorgeous trails serve some equally gorgeous views! Check out the full list here with a preview below:

  •  Shark Valley Trail, Everglades
  •  Matheson Hammock Park Trail
  • Oleta River State Park
  • Florida Trail, Big Cypress
  • Anhinga Trail, Everglades
  • Bill Baggs Lighthouse Trail, Cape Florida State Park
  •  Bear Cut Preserve Natural Trail

16. Check out this lavish London restaurant opening soon in Brickell

Instagram / @sexyfishlondon

Originally meant to open in September of 2020, Sexy Fish Miami had to postpone its opening due to the pandemic, but it sounds like we likely won’t have to wait much longer until it opens its doors to the public. Slated to open at 1001 South Miami Ave, in Brickell,  Miami’s restaurant will be the first Sexy Fish location to hit US soil. And, if it’s London location is anything to go by, we could see some famous faces appearing there. Learn more about it here.

17. Head on over to Delray for a spooktacular Halloween pop up

Instagram / @deathorglorydelray

Wait, don’t skip out on the hour-long trip just yet, especially if you love Halloween! Delray’s Death or Glory bar has already given into the spirit of the season and has slipped on something a little bit more spooky so that you can celebrate Halloween in all its glory with them.  And yes, I know the trip up to Delray isn’t ideal, but you probably spend more time on the McArthur during rush hour anyway, so might as well give Death or Gory in Hellray a chance! Check it out here.

18. Plan an outing with friends to visit the best haunted houses at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights


After two years of hiatus, Halloween Horror Nights opened earlier this month much to the excitement (and utter terror) of many and it sounds like it will scare the living daylights out of you! The iconic Halloween experience has gone all out for its 30th anniversary and has brought back old favorites and new, terrifying experiences that are really a celebration of these past three haunting decades. And after reading through several reviews online, we came up with the top 5 haunted houses to check out during this year’s Halloween Horror Nights are. We’ve organized them from scariest to least scary on the scream-o-meter, check them out here. 

19. Or, alternatively go on the hunt for Miami’s most haunted spots


There’s something strange in the 305 and it’s these nine spots in which people have reported inexplicable temperature drops (a rather unusual happening for Miami, no doubt). And no, it wasn’t the AC, but the chilling result of paranormal activity!  Not everything is sunshine and beautiful beaches in the Magical City, some of its most inconspicuous buildings hide some dark, ghoulish secrets and we’re here to uncover them. So if you dare, check these seven haunted Miami to get in the mood for the upcoming spooky season!

20. Enjoy some underwater cocktails with the Little Mermaid and her friends

What are you willing to give up for the chance to drink with mermaids? Your voice, your heart’s desire… maybe your very own human form? Luckily, all your nautical fairytale dreams can come to life without having to sacrifice anything you hold dear to your heart. This enchanted cocktail experience delivers a spellbinding immersive journey beneath the waves, where magic, desire, and cocktails combine for an unforgettable adventure. Cocktails are themed around scenes from the classic tale, and a cast of actors and performers will help bring the story to life.Book your tickets here.

21. Spend a day out at Ironside’s gorgeous urban oasis

Ironside Miami

If you’re looking for a fun and different day out, may we suggest exploring  Ironside’s wonderful, sustainable super-block community? This beautiful outpost in the Upper East Side houses more than 60 design showrooms, beauty salons, local shops, art studios, cafes, playrooms, galleries and more, offering a unique and creative urban escape for all Miamians. Learn more here.

22. Plan a day at the circus with Haunted Circus’s great debut in Miami

Nobody knows how or when the traveling Haunted Circus first appeared on this Earth, but legend has it that this mysterious festival has been haunted ever since its beloved acrobat star disappeared into thin air. Let yourself be enchanted by the haunted circus’ mysterious allure and immerse yourself in a thrilling experience that will make you feel you’ve stepped back in time to the golden age of circus entertainment. At this haunted circus, you’ll find all kinds of entertainment including special quests to unveil the mystery of the missing lady acrobat, spellbinding performances by a local circus troupe, pumpkin carving and a petting zoo perfect for enjoying with your whole family. Book your tickets here. 

23. Speaking of the Circus… a group of vampires will be taking over Aventura Mall for a tantalizing, and surreal Halloween acrobatic experience

The Vampire Circus returns to South Florida after a world tour and brings 90 minutes of innovative and surreal performances by vampires, including acrobatic feats, comical interactions with the audience, tantalizing music and mesmerizing illusions. Gather your garlic for a wicked and witty Halloween circus experience unlike any other! Book your tickets here.

24. Elevate your Tuesday night dinner plans with a retro movie night at the Gramercy


If you’re a fan of classic cinema and fine dining then you have to check out Gramercy’s dazzling brasserie in Coral Gables. Apart from its NYC vibes and incredible photo ops (we’ll get to this in a sec), this lavish restaurant offers fun Retro Movie nights every Tuesday so you can enjoy a super fun evening out, old-school style. Read more about them here.

25-29. And while you’re looking for more fun dinner plans, why not give these dinner parties a go?

Courtesy of CHICA Miami.

Combining the best of fine dining and Miami-style partying, dinner parties are a total staple of nightlife in the Magic City and are perfect for changing up things when it comes to dinner, especially if you enjoy a good party! From dinner-with-a-show options to incredible party vibes these 5 awesome dinner parties are perfect for a fun night out in Miami. Check them out here and find a preview below:

  • CHICA Restaurant, Morningside
  • El Tucán, Brickell
  • Marion Miami, Brickell
  • Mayami Mexicantina, Wynwood
  • Kiki on the River, Downtown

30. Scream your head off at House of Horror’s Haunted Carnival in Miami International Mall

Photo by EngageLive!. Courtesy of House of Horror Miami

After almost two years of hiatus, House of Horror’s Haunted Carnival is making a comeback just in time for the spooky season and it sounds like you’ll be dreaming of it for days… And no, they won’t be pleasant dreams. For its brand new haunted experience, House of Horror is taking over an abandoned department store and packing everyone’s worst nightmares into 100,000 square feet of uber-frightening space. The freakish carnival experience will feature your favorite carnival treats and unlimited rides on House of Horror classics like the Screamer and the Vertigo Swing as well as four totally new haunted house experiences.  Discover more here. 

31-50. Get you brunch on!

Put on your brunch best and head on out to try the best Eggs Benedict, mimosas and avocado toast that Miami has to offer at one of these awesome brunch spots. 

  • Ariete, Coconut Grove
  • Bodega Taquería, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Bulla Gastrobar, Coral Gables
  • Caja Caliente, Design District
  • Cecconi’s, Miami Beach
  • Fiola, Coral Gables
  • Icebox Café, Miami Beach
  • Juvia, Miami Beach
  • La Industria, Bayside Market
  • Lilikoi Organic Living, Miami Beach
  • Little Hen, Upper East Side
  • Mau Miami, Midtown
  • Osteria Morini, Miami Beach
  • Over Under, Downtown
  • Peacock Garden, Coconut Grove
  • Planta, South Beach
  • Red Rooster, Overtown
  • Strawberry Moon, Miami Beach
  • Sweet Liberty, Miami Beach
  • Zuma, Downtown

51.Visit Downtown Coral Gables’ first ever rooftop

Sky-high drinks have arrived in Downtown Coral Gables with Cebada, the area’s first-ever rooftop bar. Cebada Rooftop combines the best of rooftops, raw bars, and cocktail bars to bring a brand new concept to the neighborhood. Read more here.

52-58. Discover these places around Miami that look so surreal you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a whole new world!


From ancient temples to engineering wonders that look straight out of this planet, Miami is full of hidden gems to discover (or rediscover!) that you simply won’t believe are hiding in plain sight in the Greater Miami area. So if international travel is a no-go for you once again this year — or even if it isn’t– get on exploring our beautiful city and go on the hunt for these 7 surreal places that will have you traveling to other magical worlds without even leaving the 305!

  • The Ancient Spanish Monastery
  • Coral Castle
  •  McKee Botanical Gardens
  • The Venetian Pool
  • Morikami Japanese Gardens & Museum
  • The Historic Curtiss Mansion
  • Stiltsville

59. Experience the adrenaline rush that comes with getting chased by your worst nightmares at Horrorland’s terrifying drive-thru

Enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes from getting chased as you cruise through this year’s The Horrorland attraction. This spooky drive-thru boasts not just one, but eight haunted houses to satisfy the needs of all horror aficionados. Book your tickets here.

60-79. Explore Miami’s public art scene.


There’s certainly no shortage of beautiful street art in Miami. From Wynwood Walls to Little Havana and Little Haiti, Miami is bursting at the seams with stunning public art installations, museums and, of course, murals. Miami’s façades are everchanging,  with new murals popping up here you never know what new work of art you may find when you turn the corner.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite murals, their history, and where to find them right now before they get torn down or painted over. So put on your best pair of sneakers and get on exploring! Check the murals out here.

80. Participate in the heist of the century with the Professor and his infamous gang at this ‘Money Heist’ experience coming soon to Miami

The infamous masked bandits are planning their new attack and they’re looking for new members! Do you have what it takes to join the infamous gang as they take over the 305? If you’re up for the challenge, grab your mask and don your red jumpsuit to join the thrilling ‘Money Heist’ immersive experience coming to Miami this October! Book your tickets here.

81. Head out on a spooky road trip!

Fort Dade. Shutterstock

Nowadays, Florida may be known around the world for its beautiful sandy beaches, incredible climate and parties, but there was once a time when the Sunshine State was viewed as a land of agricultural prosperity. Small farming towns pop up and down Florida but resource exhaustion, hurricanes, freezes and economic depression took hold of the area many of these by their settlers. Nowadays these abandoned towns are but a shadow of what they used to be and many believe them to be inhabited by the ghosts of ages past. So if this fall you feel like jumping on your car and getting into the spooky spirit we suggest checking out these spooky ghost towns! Check them out here. 

82. Celebrate stone crab season with some fresh claws!

Instagram / @montysrawbarcg

October 15 designates the official start of stone crab season in Miami which means its time to roll up your sleeves and dig into some extra fresh, hearty claws. To help you find the freshest claws in town we’ve put together a list of the best places in which to enjoy stone crabs in the 305. Find more here. 

83. Go crazy for fall at the Hay Maze Miami pop-up 


If you thought you’d never see fall foliage and pumpkin everything in sunny Miami then you might want to think again because fall is about to explode in the Magic City.  Starting Friday, October 22, fall will be disembarking in Miami in all its auburn glory thanks to Hay Maze’s pop-up. This autumnal immersive experience is bringing all the treasured fall traditions from the northeast into South Florida with activities for the whole family — Think haystacks, pumpkin galore, fall foliage, and more.


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