Watch As Eerie Sirens Signal The Start Of Curfew In Miami Over The Weekend

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Watch As Eerie Sirens Signal The Start Of Curfew In Miami Over The Weekend

This past Friday, the City of Miami enacted its 10 pm curfew with a rather eerie siren display that we’ve only seen in movies before.

Earlier last week, the City of Miami announced it would be enacting a 10 pm-5 am curfew starting Friday, Mar 27, in an effort to curve the spread of the novel coronavirus. Over the weekend a Downtown Miami resident caught the start of the curfew on video in which might be the eeriest footage of Miami at night we’ve ever seen!

The video pans across empty streets while eerie sirens go off in the background in what looks like a clip straight out of The Purge, but nope, it’s just Miami going into curfew. Moments later the city turned into a dystopian ghost town, not a soul could be seen on the streets of the Magic city but a couple of cars and a police car’s lights flashing in the distance. A totally strange sight of our lively city!

Haunting sirens aside, the curfew has also left behind stunning pictures of an empty Miami at night which are as incredibly unusual as they are beautiful.

Not a creature was stirring!


And while the streets of our city remain momentarily quiet, we can’t and won’t let the curfew kill the good vibes and the fiesta at home! If not look at these Brickell neighbors who broke the curfew’s silence with a totally rocking balcony show!

You can even hear them singing in unison once the music goes off (😱)!

While Miami may be turning into a ghost town complete with eerie sirens for a bit, it also goes to show our collective efforts as residents of the Magic City to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Feature image: @loretta_alkalay

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