A New Study Has Ranked Miami at Number 1 for the Worst Commute in the US

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A New Study Has Ranked Miami at Number 1 for the Worst Commute in the US

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re still stuck behind that giant truck in the hell-scape of Miami’s commute.

Well now, some definitive proof of our cursed rush hour has finally landed. Proof to wave in the faces of all our out-of-town friends who town who told us we exaggerated just how awful our commute really was, and claimed they had it worse (Take that, New Yorkers). [Main Image: Frankie Cordoba, Unsplash]

Yes, according to a study by Moovit, Miami has run off with the title of worst commute in America. Grim, if not at all surprising reading for the 305. Besides, every small victory counts, right?

The Results… *drumroll*

Moovit, a public transit app, concluded that our car and public transportation commute is the worst in the land. And if you had the bright idea of dropping the car keys, we also took the crown for highest-average walking commute too.


Photo: Oussama Zaidi, Unsplash

Miami and LA’s results ended in a dead heat, each with a hefty 56-minute average commute time, just about fending off New York’s teeny-tiny 54-minute average. Moovit’s 99 city study also found us guilty for possession of the highest average walking distance. But hey, an average stroll of 1.3km to work is as good an excuse as any to skip the gym.

Miami’s commuting nightmare is compounded by our waiting times for public transport being at sky-high level. Drivers expressed disdain towards the public transport waiting times, saying an improvement would make them consider ditching their car. Unsurprisingly, the results back this commuting misery fact up too. Moovit’s study ranked Miami’s 16 min 46s average wait times for buses at, you guessed it, number one. We even fought off LA for top spot, with the City of Angels average waiting time coming in at a blissful 12-seconds behind us.

So, since Moovit has confirmed the gloomy news that locals knew all along, we salute our brave workers still soldiering on through the Miami rush hour battlefield.

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