20 Best Answers To ‘What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To Miami’

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20 Best Answers To ‘What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To Miami’

We asked and you all answered…

This past week we took to Facebook and Instagram to ask you what was the one thing you wished you would’ve known before moving to Miami in an attempt to better understand our followers and help everyone new in town, and you certainly not disappoint!

From heartwarming answers to utterly hilarious and  totally honest ones, here are our top answers to ‘what you wish you knew before moving to Miami.’


1. “I just wish I moved here sooner!”

2. “How food costs an arm and a leg.”

3. “Coming from NYC and LA I find the people in Miami friendly”

4. “How freakin’ hot it really is.”

5. “Palmetto at 5 pm on a Friday.”

6. “How badly people drive in Miami”

7. “How to pray when driving”


8. ” The dating is trash.”

9. “Anything you can imagine and want..you can find it here in Miami!! “

10. “Miami isn’t for the faint of heart period. You have to adjust to Miami. Miami will not adjust to you. The people are brutal af but the city will make you stronger than you ever were before!”

11. “That the bayside south beach is where I should’ve moved right away not Brickell.”

12. “How amazing the non-party / tourist side of South Beach is!”

13. “That South Beach feels like being on a permanent vacation. Some friends who are actually from Miami seem to be the kindest and authentic over tourists and part-time people

14. “That a time for a meeting is based on Latin time. AKA always late.”



15. “It’s amazing 🥰. Miami’s what you make of it and there’s something for everyone. I personally love how driven the people are”

16. “You have to speak Spanish, it’s the main language in Miami.”

17. “It’s shocking to come from a place where everybody speaks English to realize that lots of people here don’t!”

18. “Them freaking mosquitos play NO games!”


 19. “Humidity inside the house. Need 24 hours AC.”

20. “How sunny and beautiful most days are. There are people from all over the world. The city makes you feel alive.”

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