22 Things Miamians Will Always Defend To The Death That No One Else Understands

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

22 Things Miamians Will Always Defend To The Death That No One Else Understands

Outsiders just won’t understand…

Ya tu sabes que Miami is not like any other city, from our official language ( that’s Spanglish for all you non-Miamians), to our beautiful cafecito with croquetas, there are just some things that outsiders will simply not understand. And because there is no place like home, we weren’t surprised when Miamians were willing to back indefinitely when we asked our followers on Facebook and Instagram “what’s one thing Miamians always defend to the death that no one else understands?”

Here are some of the best answers:

1. “That Miami-Dade and Florida are NOT the same”

2. “We are not Fort Lauderdale”

3. “Wearing boots and a coat when Miami winter approaches.”


4.  “Duct taped and plywood windows as hurricane prep.”

5. “When someone says, ‘pero like’ and continues normal conversation”

6. “The blatant overuse of the ‘Bro'”

7. Spanglish



8. The Dolphins

9. “Normalizing being late to everything”

10. Flanigans

11. “Publix chicken tender subs.”

12. “Guava and cheese everything”

13. “Cuban coffee windows”

14. “Cafecito in the afternoon!”

 15.  “Café con leche y tostada”

16. “Croquetas and pastelitos for sure. I once got ‘why do you like these, they are just sugar/fat/calorie bombs’ and I had never felt so insulted. Like genuinely insulted.”


17. “Mangos! If they hang on your side of the fence they belong to you!”

18. “It’s okay to honk after the light turns green and it’s only been 3 seconds….. “

19.”Get out of the left lane if you’re going the speed limit.”

20. “Not using blinkers!!”

21. Iguanas

22. “Mr. 305 himself”

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