These Are The Top 10 Most Romantic Spots In The City According To Miamians

Including ours!

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These Are The Top 10 Most Romantic Spots In The City According To Miamians

Love is in the air…

It’s February and the most romantic day of the year is swiftly approaching. Everywhere you go there’s romance in the air, but what are the most appropriate places to go to in Miami if you want to bask in the spirit of the season?

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day alone, with friends or your significant other,  we wanted to share with you our favorite Miami spots in which to get a little bit more… romanticones. So we asked our Instagram users to share with us their favorite romantic spots around the city for a bit more of inspiration.

Irregardless of your dating status, these are perfect for going on unique dates, daydreaming of chance encounters with your star-crossed lover or drinking a whole bottle of wine by yourself while you stare at other happy couples. Check them out!

First, here are your favorite places, according to our IG poll!

1. Mamey, Coral Gables

Just picture it: You, the sunset, some light bites and a mamey cocktail in hand… Super romántico!

2. Rouge, Miami Beach

Ah! Nothing quite like French & Moroccan cuisine with a side of Jazz to spark up l’amour!

3. Casa Tua, Art Deco District

Italian cuisine isn’t far behind! Maybe you can recreate the Lady and the Tramp scene? You know which one…

4. Soya e Pomodoro, Downtown

One of our users said they found it particularly appealing on “a nice cool night.” We couldn’t agree more!


5. E11even, Overtown


Romance has bloomed on rockier grounds…


And now here are ours!

6. Even more romantic restaurants!

Let’s face it… food is always the way to our heart. Here are some of our favorite ones!

7. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

If you don’t believe us when we say this is one of the most romantic spots in the city, believe the hundreds of couples that choose it as a wedding venue each year! This stunning Italian villa by the water and its carefully curated gardens make the perfect ground for romance!

8. The McKee Botanical Gardens

McKee Botanical Gardens is one of the most magical hidden gems of the 305. Take a stroll through its winding paths to get whisked away to a magical fairy tail land — fairy houses and giant mushrooms included!

9. Any beach during sunset

Watching the sunset by the beach is literally one of the most romantic things ever. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of gorgeous beaches to choose from here in the 305!

10. The McArthur Causeway

Hear us out on this one… We know the causeway is literally the opposite of romantic. But, if you take the exit towards Jungle Island and follow the road to the water you’ll get to enjoy the Miami skyline in all its stunning glory. Is there anything more romantic than a beautiful view?

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