City Of Miami Residents Will Be On Mandatory Shelter-In-Place Until Further Notice, Effective Immediately

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz


Mayor Francis Suárez issues the order for all City of Miami residents to shelter in place beginning Mar 24 at midnight and until further notice.

In an attempt to help stop the spreading of coronavirus, Mayor Suárez announced last night that all Miami residents would have to shelter in place and remain at home starting at midnight and until further notice. The order prohibits all non-essential travel within the City of Miami “including by automobile, public transit, motorcycle, etc.”

While non-essential travel remains off the table there are a few exceptions for those who must travel within the city:

  • Travel within the City to seek goods and services from essential retail establishments such as grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Travel within the City to perform work in support of essential activities and establishments
  • Travel within the City to deliver essential services to homes, such as repair, landscaping and pool services

Residents may still, however, continue to take part in outdoor recreational activities refraining from those places which were closed under Miami-Dade’s emergency order. When outdoors residents are being asked to keep a prudent distance and adhere to the social distancing measures at all times.


The announcement came shortly after City of Miami Beach issued a shelter-in-place order for residents earlier on Monday.

On a later announcement,  Mayor Suárez said the City of Miami has also established a new drive-thru coronavirus testing center at Marins Park and will make at-home testing available for the elderly.

Feature image: Tomas Lundahl, Unsplash

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