All Miami-Dade Beaches Close Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

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Mayor Carlos A. González has ordered the closing of all Miami-Dade beaches and parks, effective today.

In a statement released earlier today, Mayor González announced he had ordered the closing of all Miami-Dade beaches and parks starting at 9 am.  This announcement came less than 24 hours later than his previous one in which he stated he would be restricting gatherings in parks and beaches to groups of less than ten people.

The executive order also calls for the closing of all non-essential retail, casinos, private educational facilities and other recreational and entertainment activities. “These actions are necessary to keep our community safe from the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring the continuity of essential services. Details will be included in the executive order to be issued effective Thursday evening,” tweeted the Mayor.


Restaurants remain active on a delivery and pick-up basis only, while all grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and convenience stores remain open as usual.

Feature image: Mark Fanelli-Isla, Unsplash 

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