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Frohzen’s desserts might just be the cutest ones in town!

This innovative ice cream shop in the Design District makes the most beautiful and incredibly cute treats. But not only are these frozen goodies insanely Instagrammable (as they should be), they’re also pretty freaking delicious. And how could they not be considering Chef Salvatore Martone’s the mastermind behind Frozen? A disciple of talented Chef Joël Robuchon, Martone possesses an incredibly creative sense of whimsy that has led him to create not one nor two but three delectably gorgeous frozen “baked goods.”

Yeah, you heard right! at Frohzen you’ll find deliciously icy versions of your favorite baked treats–we’re talking red velvet, birthday cake, tres leches, macarons, the whole shebang!–with a Miami-inspired twist. 

First, there’s the ice cream macarons. These famous french treats come in two delicious flavors, Guava Maria with fruity pebbles crumble and Oreo White Chocolate with a crumble of, well you probably already guessed what. These colorful crème glacée–that’s French for ice cream–cookies are sold in single units for $7 or if you’re feeling especially naughty you can buy a dozen for $70. 

The frozen “cakesickles” are well… ice cream cakes on a stick. But these aren’t your normal ice cream cakes, no, no sir. Frohzen’s cakesickles are a creamy, velvety slice of heaven covered in brightly-colored chocolate and candies. They also come in two flavors for your enjoyment, Tres Leches and Mango Passion Coconut, and sell for $6 a slice or $60 for a whole cake.

Frohzen’s real showstoppers are their frozen cupcakes, however.  These sundae-looking cones feature a hard “cake ice cream” core topped off with soft-serve “frosting,” a crumble and sauce, complete with a cherry on top. These babies come in three traditional cake flavors–birthday cake, red velvet and tres leches–and are absolutely entrancing. You can get these for $8.50 a piece.


Aside from the frozen “baked” goods, Frohzen offers an array of coffee drinks with La Colombe coffee, and a menu of 12 ice cream flavors sold by the scoop. These include Banana+ Pineapple + Lime, Guava Maria, Tres Leches Cake and Mango+Passion Fruit among others. Frohzen has also recently introduced its new whimsical milkshakes, made with blended cake and ice cream! Like the cones, these are also topped off with an assortment of sauces, crumbles and sprinkles to make them extra yummy!

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Tuesday - Saturday 12:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Prices may vary

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