6 Of The Best Places To Cry In Miami

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6 Of The Best Places To Cry In Miami

Sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed by life, it’s best to let it out.

It’s a natural reaction that has its therapeutic benefits. Equally, some spots in Miami are great to get away from life and just enjoy what the city has to offer. So, stop caring about what people think. Why not just combine the two.


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Here are six locations to hit up if the urge to do just that hits you. Or, if the longing to burst into tears creeps up on you, these spots to retreat to will do the job. [Main Image: Christian Erfurt, Unsplash].

Miami Beach


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Give back to the wonderous Miami beach land by adding some of your own saltwater. Think of it this way: if the waterworks hit while you’re taking a dip in the ocean, you’ll be providing reparations for a fish’s house. But not too much, mind. Sea levels are rising, didn’t-ya-know. Elsewhere, there are glorious swathes of sand to sunbathe while the tears flow. And not just because an incensed iguana decided to have a snap at you. You might as well at least work on the tan while having a sob.

Into A Box Of Gorgeous Cinnamon Rolls


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These famous Homestead cinnamon rolls draw people to queue for hours to get a taste. And they really are as good as they look. If you’re feeling down, in need of some comfort snacks, then look no further, my friend. Knaus Berry Farm has your back. Recommended by anyone in Miami who knows their stuff, and the heavenly droplets come with a handy box to catch those tears.

On Your Commute

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Miami has the longest commute in the United States, according to a recent study. If you live here, you know just how bad it gets. So, when you’re stuck in the classic 305 traffic, there’s no shame in having a bawl. You can guarantee half the other drivers will be doing the exact same – just look around you. As we have the longest public transport waiting times too, that’ll also give you a generous window to shed some tears before a hard day in the office.


At The Almighty Everglades National Park


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You all know about the Everglades. Acre-upon-acre of grassland reserve, home to some of the most fascinating plants and animals of south-Florida. But, we know if it gets too much these will be no mere crocodile tears. Drink in sights of alligators, walk among the wildflowers or just sit in the blaring sun-kissed land. It’s as pretty a catharsis as you’ll find among these parts.

Watching Your Team Play


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Whether you’re a fan of the Dolphins or prefer to go and watch the Marlins play baseball, there’s a huge variety of sport to watch here. And, with that, comes all the baggage of supporting a team. When they’re on a high, it’s pure ecstasy; when they’re in a slump, you take the full hit with them. So, if it’s tears of joy, nail-biting anxiety or hopeless despair you need to let out, any experienced sports fan will tell you they’ve ridden through all three. Therefore, where better to do that in the live arena. Head to the Hard Rock Stadium, Marlins Park or wherever your team plays to have a good ol’ weep.

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden


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I mean, those lilypads look like they were put there to catch tears, right? It’s another one of Miami’s countless idyllic spots. Soak in the beauty as you blubber away among the wildlife. There’s plenty of shrubbery and flowers to pat you on the shoulder as you wail away to yourself. Or, take a breather on a garden bench and let the droplets leave your eyes. Take your pick, there’s plenty of crying spots to go round at Fairchild.

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