5 Best Houses To Check Out During Halloween Horror Nights This Year According

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5 Best Houses To Check Out During Halloween Horror Nights This Year According

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is back for its 30 year anniversary and it will haunt you for days.

After two years of hiatus, Halloween Horror Nights opened earlier this month much to the excitement (and utter terror) of many and it sounds like it will scare the living daylights out of you! The iconic Halloween experience has gone all out for its 30th anniversary and has brought back old favorites and new, terrifying experiences that are really a celebration of these past three haunting decades.

Like the absolute classic that it is, Halloween Horror Nights usually drives thousands of people to Orlando from all corners of Florida which sometimes makes it hard to get past the crowds and check out all attractions in a night. So, in an attempt to help you make the most out of your haunting night at HHN we’ve turned to the internet to discover what the best haunted houses to check out this year are. And after reading through several reviews online, we came up with the top 5 haunted houses to check out during this year’s Halloween Horror Nights are.

We’ve organized them from scariest to least scary on the scream-o-meter so you have time to grab some cough drops for later and mentalize yourself for the scare of your lifetime. Regardless of how scary they are, these look totally epic — Check them out!

1. HHN Icons: Captured

Jack, Chance, Lady Luck, Caretaker, the Storyteller… All your favorite characters from years past come together to make all your worst nightmares come true at this totally terrifying haunted house. Featuring an incredible façade and classic scenes from previous Horror Nights editions, HHN Icons: Captured comes in at number one on our list for its sheer epicness and scream-jerking moments. HHN fans will truly enjoy this one, but you might have to go on a few different runs to catch your favorite icon seating on the throne. Will you be able to manage it?

2. Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin

If you think pumpkins are the least scary part of Halloween, then Wicked Growth will likely make you think twice about how cute these gourds are next time you go to a pumpkin patch. A favorite among many, this new addition to HHN explores the more sinister roots of this popular Halloween tradition. Don’t let the innocent façade fool you though, the Pumpkin Lord awaits inside to get his fill of screams during his annual human harvest.  “This one is the tent stand-out, and I could see how it could be an all-timer. Great variety of scares, and I loved seeing all the different characters. Also aggressive! All hail the Pumpkin Lord!,” said this Twitter user. 


3. Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives!

Based on the classic 1935 film “The Bride of Frankenstein,”  this haunted house got its first run during last year’s HHN daytime run and was a pleasant surprise for many. Despite not being as scary as other houses The Bride of Frankenstein features an easy-to-follow plot and many opportunities for the cast to give you a good scare. This house also got an A+  for it set and props from many HHN fans, like this Reddit User who loved the “dense atmosphere and beautiful lighting” and was particularly enamored by the monsters contained in fluid.

4. The Haunting of Hill House

Not as scary as the ones further up on our list, but a definite must for all fans of the Netflix hit show the Haunting of Hill House. This experience does get an A+ for its ability to capture the true essence of Hill House and its astonishing façade that looks exactly like the house from the show. Many described it as feeling truly filled with ghosts and haunted but not necessarily scary. Just watch out for the bent-neck Lady though!

5. Beetlejuice

If you’re looking for a good scare you might want to skip out on this one, but if you’re just starting off with Halloween Horror Nights, this is the perfect house at which to make your first incursion into this terrifying universe. Fans will definitely love this haunt as Beetlejuice steals the show in this one, earning himself the title of “Ghost with the Most.” A+ for comedy and spooky spirit!

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