A Terrifying New Drive-Thru Experience Has Rolled Into Miramar National Park

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A Terrifying New Drive-Thru Experience Has Rolled Into Miramar National Park

Will you venture into Horrorland?

Ever wondered what it feels like to be behind the wheel while it is attacked from all fronts by ghoulish creatures? If you’ve ever fantasized about being part of a horror film then we’ve found just the place.  The Horrorland, South Florida’s first haunted drive-thru experienced, has rolled into Miramar National Park to make your dreams (or should we say nightmares) of being part of a horror flick come true.

Watch the most terrifying of horror movies unfold around you as you drive through this horror land filled with the stuff of your worst nightmares. This 35-minute-long totally immersive experience will drive you through a fantasy land filled with all kinds of creeps, ghosts and ghouls — think Alice in Horrorland, haunting circus members and a zombie apocalypse — that will have you clinging to the steering wheel or the seat right in front of you for emotional support. The trailer for your movie is already available, by the way, so make sure to watch it for a little taste of what awaits for you in the Horrorland — if you dare!

Even the most terrifying beings are mindful of social distancing guidelines in this day and age, so the Horrorland is a completely contactless experience and requires all visitors to keep their car doors locked. But you’re welcome to put on your best Halloween outfit and bring your pets along with you–perhaps they might help keep your cool or at least will be there for you to hold their paw throughout the trail.


Tickets are $49 per car and require prior reservations since the undead like to show up unannounced but keep a busy haunting schedule. The Horrorland is open Thursday through Sunday from 7 pm until 11 pm and will remain in Miramar until October 31. 

For more information on The Horrorland Drive-Thru and tickets, you can visit their website here.

Practical information

Thurs-Sun, 7 pm-11 pm
$48.99/ car


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