Penguins At This Aquarium Are Taking Field Trips To Visit The Other Animals, And It’s Too Cute!

Charli Renken Charli Renken

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The Shedd Aquarium is still sharing animal encounters with us despite COVID-19 closures.

The Shedd Aquarium might not be open to the public during COVID-19 closures, but that doesn’t mean the animals are taking a vacation. Penguins at the Shedd are taking little “field trips” to other areas in the aquarium; yesterday Penguin Wellington visited the Amazon Rising exhibit and waved hello to the black-barred silver dollar fishes.  It’s so cute we can’t take it!

Last week, the aquarium announced on social media that it would be temporarily closing its doors, but that wouldn’t stop its workers from sharing animal encounters with Chicagoans. If you head to the Shedd’s Twitter or Instagram accounts, you’ll find multiple posts of all sorts of critters. Social distancing can’t get in the way of zoological discovery!

We really can’t thank the Shedd enough for taking the time to share all these wonderful photos and videos with us. With so many Chicagoans spending more time indoors during the coronavirus outbreak, seeing adorable animal content really does a lot to lift our moods and calm our anxiety. Here is what the Shedd has shared with us so far:

This adorable birthday celebration for river turtle Yam’s 28th:

They made him a veggie birthday cake! How cute it that?



These critters never have to worry about being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day; they’re already green!

Kermit’s favorite day must be St. Patty’s, right?

Later today, the Shedd shared another adorable penguin field trip!

How is this cuter than the last one??

That’s it so far, but keep checking back for more!

Feature photo: @shedd_aquarium

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