Semi-Impressive Party Tricks To Learn While You’re Not Partying

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Semi-Impressive Party Tricks To Learn While You’re Not Partying

Practice for all tomorrow’s parties.

While you’re home, with some time (and maybe a little booze) on your hands, set to work on practicing your party tricks. Get these tricks under your belt so that once everything settles, you’ll be able to hit the scene swinging.

1. Light A Match In Style

Yeah, we know — we’re not in the 40s anymore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hit your friends with a little Jazz Era flare with this cool matchbook trick.

2. Flip An Egg In A Shot Glass

Because if you’re at a house party there’s probably an egg and a shot glass lying around somewhere. Do this trick and mildly impress bystanders.

3. Do A Kip Up

There’s no way in hell you could possibly NOT look like a badass when you pull this move off. Now if you fail, that’s a different story. Just don’t fail, okay.

4. Pop A Balloon Without Touching It

This trick will add a little shock value to your arsenal. Only two things required: an inflated balloon (obviously), and an orange peel. Cut off a piece of orange peel and conceal it in the palm of your hand. Do a little razzle dazzle, abracadabra incantation, and wave your hand over the balloon as you surreptitiously squeeze the orange peel. The chemical limonene in the orange will fall upon the balloon and dissolve the rubber, making it pop. Just be careful rubbing your eyes after this one.

5. Make A Balloon Case For Your Phone

Obviously we think that every party you go to will have balloons. And as you’re partying, the chances of you dropping and cracking your phone continuously increase throughout the night. Do yourself a favor and make a makeshift balloon case at the beginning of the night and impress a few bystanders while you’re at it.

6. Balance A Can On Its Edge

Pretty sure you learned this trick already in your elementary school cafeteria. But here it is anyway.

7. Make A Recorder Out Of A Carrot

I think that we can all agree that nothing gets the party going like a good recorder. The only possible way to top it would be a recorder made of a vegetable. Set the tone of your rager with this carrot recorder.

8. Roll A Coin On Your Knuckles

I don’t think there’s a single person on this planet that has seen this trick in the movies and not tried to do it themselves. If you’re like me, you probably failed. But now we have the internet. Learn from the internet.


9. Make Shadow Puppets

These are dark times after all. It’s important to make light out of the situation. Or rather, make use of the light in this situation. Entertain yourself, your kids, or your cats with these shadow animals.

10. Moonwalk Like You Mean It

It seems like we’re going to have to leave this planet any time now. Don’t half-ass this move. Whether you’re traversing intergalactic terrain or an earthbound dance floor, the moonwalk will glide you into stardom.

11. Break An Apple In Half With Your Bare Hand

Apples are finger-foods — let’s keep it that way. It turns out you don’t need superhuman strength to pull this fruity trick off: just focus and a little bit of pressure.

12. Turn Water Into Whiskey

Yeah, turning water into wine is cool but how about turning water into whiskey?

13. Tie A Cherry Stem With Your Tongue

Want to become an instant sex icon? Do the carrot recorder trick. If you’re not musically inclined, however, you can learn the old fashioned tie-a-cherry-stem-with-your-tongue-trick to swoon your guests.

14. Make $5 With A Bottle And Cap

You’re at a party — well certainly not now, but let’s imagine you’re at a party — people are drinking, perfect time to indulge in a little con artistry. Get an empty bottle of beer and a metal cap. Bend the cap so that it folds. Place the empty bottle on a table and the metal cap on its inside edge. Bet whoever is standing next to you that they can’t blow the rest of the cap into the bottle. You might also demonstrate how easily the cap can fit into the bottle. Your victim, perhaps filled with a little liquid courage will take you on the bet. Watch as they fail miserably to aerodynamics and claim your money. You could also use that money to buy them a drink later if you’re a cool guy.

15. Fire Off Bottle Caps Like A Gunslinger

“You’ll shoot your eye out,” they say. Pay them no mind, learn how to shoot off bottle caps with the firepower and accuracy of a gun-toting cowboy.

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