Now You Can Cruise Through The Keys In This Impossibly Pink Limo

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Is it a car? Is it a boat? No! It’s the Nautilimo!

If pink happens to be your favorite color and you really enjoy sailing but you like to do things in a slightly different way, then riding the Nautilimo should totally be on your Florida bucket list. Complete with fake headlights and a fake replacement tire that reads “Only in the Keys” this pink Caddy boat has everyone throughout Islamorada doing double-takes. And how could it not? It’s pretty freaking cute.


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Created and operated by Captain Joe Fox the Nautilimo is the only one of its kind and can hold up to 6 people at a time. If you’d like to go sailing on the limo there are several trips for you to choose from including sunset and sightseeing cruises, snorkeling trips and a visit to Robbie’s marina to feed the famous tarpons. The Caddy boat is also available for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and bachelorettes.


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Gather up your pals and head over to Bayside’s Lorelei Restaurant where the Nautilimo is parked. Go sailing across Islamorada for the reasonable price of $60 an hour for two people plus $10 per additional guest. But if you wish to go on longer trips, a two-hour journey costs $110 for two people as well as the additional $10 on their website per additional guest. And the great thing is you can conveniently book your trip or if you wish you can also just give them a call.


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If sailing on a Caddy limo boat doesn’t tickle you pink, you can always book your trip on Captain Fox’s other rather impressive boat–A 27-ft long Pirate Ship!

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