Don’t Panic! More Baby Yoda Is Coming Our Way In 2020 And Beyond

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Don’t Panic! More Baby Yoda Is Coming Our Way In 2020 And Beyond

Baby Yoda has been the glimmer of hope in the last few months. It has blessed the internet with a shining beacon to rally behind as if it were their own child.

So, when The Mandalorian – the Disney Plus series that gave our wide-eyed pal a platform, played its season finale – we were all wondering when he’d be back in our lives. After all, our hero has played a huge part in Disney Plus streaming service hitting over 28 million subscribers. [Main Image: @disney, Instagram].

Thankfully for Baby Yoda stans, the answer to that has now been revealed. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney has confirmed that the Disney Plus smash series will return in October 2020. If recent events are anything to go by, expect the internet to implode on its own melting hearts around this time.


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And, it gets better for diehards. Bob Iger’s comments also suggest that The Mandolorian will be here to stay following these series, with a view to spinoffs about characters from the show. We couldn’t be getting an entire show, just about Baby Yoda… could we?

Iger suggested that the Star Wars franchise could put all its eggs in the television basket, as opposed to its traditional film leanings. As long as those eggs birth more of our legend Baby Yoda, we’re certain this decision will bear fruit for Disney.

Speaking at the company’s earnings call, Iger said Disney is looking at the “possibility of infusing it [The Mandalorian] with more characters and taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series”.


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Iger also said previously that they would “take a bit of a hiatus in terms of theatrical releases”. The Rise Of Skywalker, the most recent installment, was named the lowest-grossing picture of the trilogy.


So, this all paves the way for an overload of Baby Yoda. Either way, it’ll be a painful wait until the phenomenon returns in October.

But, what we do know, is that Disney would be mad to discontinue Baby Yoda anytime soon. A life-sized toy, costing $350, no less (?!), crashed the seller’s website when it was posted. That’s as good an indication as any that he’s sticking around for the long haul. To be fair, how could you say no to those eyes. Just look at them.

What Do We Know About The Mandalorian Season Two So Far?

Release date

As of now, we just know it’s coming our way this October. Stay tuned to Disney’s announcements for more details.

Jon Favreau Will Direct An Episode

Even though he’s the main creative force behind the show, the writer didn’t manage to direct any of the episodes in series one of The Mandalorian. He has confirmed, however, that he will step into the role for series two. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in September, he said: “I didn’t get the chance the last time around because I was doing the Lion King. So I’ll step in for one of them.”

Rumors Have Surfaced About Returning Original Trilogy Characters 

Jon Favreau’s release tweet about the series features a pig guard from Jabba The Hutt’s lair. The series is set five years after the death star’s demise in Return Of The Jedi (1983).

While the bombastic Hutt is dead, it opens the door for the surviving characters from the trilogy to make an appearance alongside Baby Yoda in series two. These include Princess Leia, Han Solo, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Chewbacca among others. Just imagine Baby Yoda riding on Chewie’s shoulders.