Miami Might Just Be The Vainest City In The World According To This Study

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Miami is the Vainest City of Them All

Yes, your hair looks great. Now read this!

Well, that’s a shocker…Who would’ve guessed we live in the vainest city in the world huh Miamians? If our title as the “Butt lift and Botox Capital of the World” hadn’t given it away, a new study by fashion blog YesStylist has come to reiterate what you (probably) already knew. Miami is the vainest city in the world. Butt this time around, the study didn’t take into account our predilection for cosmetic surgery, no, they looked at the number of gyms, fitness clubs, beauty salons, the average quality of our clothing and our interest in beauty topics, and we scored high on that too! *Gasp*


And although we didn’t score as number one in most of the categories the study looks at, we scored within the top ten in most, making Miami the vainest city overall. We came in second right after Cape Town, when it came to the highest density of beauty salons and number six for the highest number of gyms and fitness clubs.



We failed to hit the top 10 when it came to the most beauty and fashion, New York took the gold medal on that one with five times as many events as Miami, but we’ll let that one slide since we did end up scoring number one as the most beauty-obsessed city in the world. New York only came in twelfth.  After Miami, the top 5 most beauty-obsessed cities around the world are Dubai, Edinburgh, London, Bourdeaux and Paris. Bringing up the rear as the top 5 least beauty-obsessed cities were, from least to most, Seoul, Istanbul, Brussels, Buenos Aires and Hamburg.


Past studies may have placed us in fourth place (unforgivable!) in the rankings of America’s vainest cities, behind New York, Phoenix and Charlotte but YesStylist’s study finally arrived to return the crown that has always been rightfully ours.


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