Discover Ironside, The Urban Oasis That’s Home To Miami’s Very Own Segment Of The Berlin Wall

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Discover Ironside, The Urban Oasis That’s Home To Miami’s Very Own Segment Of The Berlin Wall

Did you know that Miami is home to part of the Berlin Wall? And you can view it right in the heart of the city!

Segments of the Berlin Wall may be scattered all across the U.S., but the good news is that you don’t have to leave the Magic City to take a closer look at them!

Located inside Ironside’s fantastic urban complex, our city is home to not one but four segments of the Berlin Wall. Once an icon of division and opposing ideologies, the Berlin Wall has become a prominent icon of world history while its “graffitis”  are a global artistic symbol of freedom, unity and strength.

Ironside’s pieces were first created by French artist Thierry Noir who, living in Berlin during the 80s, was one of the first artists to paint Berlin’s “wall of shame.” Noir repainted some of his segments during Art Basel 2013 right here in Ironside where they remain as permanent art-in-public-spaces outdoor sculptures. 

But while these remarkable pieces of world history can be viewed for free while you stroll around Ironside, art lovers might be glad to hear these are not the only artworks you’ll get to enjoy at Ironside. In fact, there’s plenty more to discover at this wonderful, sustainable super-block community that houses more than 60 design showrooms, beauty salons, local shops, art studios, cafes, playrooms, galleries and more!

Created by real estate developer and visionary, Ofer Mizrahi, Ironside is an eclectic community that combines art and design with botany and landscaping, offering a unique and creative urban escape for all Miamians.

Art lovers can discover the latest works by local artists while fashionistas can give their wardrobes an upgrade with unique pieces by up-and-coming local designers.


Meanwhile, those who enjoy botany and gardening should definitely take a stroll through Ironside’s many gardens. This lovely urban oasis features a uniquely landscaped environment lined with gorgeous Rainbow Eucalyptus trees and fragrant lemon trees.

With their winding paths and lush local flora, Ironside’s gardens showcase a self-sustaining natural habitat for bees and butterflies. Not to mention they make for a totally wonderful place in which to relax and enjoy your lunch or just go for a breezy walk outdoors. 

For foodies, Ironside also offers plenty of options from La Giulietta Bistro, where you can enjoy buttery croissants and gourmet avocado toast, to Ironside Pizza, a cozy pizzeria where you’ll be able to try delightful wood-fired pizzas under a canopy of greens and twinkling lights.

No matter what your preferences are, you’ll find there is always something different going on at Ironside all the way from Circular Economy Club meetings to art shows and totally awesome pop-ups like the Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience, a magical experience in which you’ll get to grab underwater cocktails with the Little Mermaid and her friends.

So if you’re thinking of stopping by to pay a visit to the Berlin Wall, why not make it a day and check out everything Ironside has to offer? Just steps away from the historic MiMo Biscayne Corridor, it is open every day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. making it the perfect spot in which to escape city life without even having to leave the city.

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