Miami Has Been Named One Of The Best Cities In The U.S.

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Miami Has Been Named One Of The Best Cities In The U.S.

The Magic City ranked 9th in a list of 100.

Our openness, multiculturalism and creativity has earned us a spot in the top 10 of American cities for 2021! With everything that’s going on in this strange year it’s easy to forget how wonderful the city we living is. But, thankfully, the America’s Best Cities report has given us a reminder.

The 2021 report, which came out last week, ranked Miami #9. The reason? Our openness to foreigners. “Miami’s creativity is fueled by its arms-wide-open acceptance of new immigrants,” reads the exclusive report put together by Resonance Consultancy.

Sure, our crystalline, blue waters and wonderful beaches certainly stand out, but it’s our multiculturalism and openness that really take the cake. The city boasts over 100 languages spoken at home according to the latest census and we’re also the largest hub of Spanish-language media, outside of Mexico City, NYC and LA. And let’s not forget that Miami is one of the city with most foreign-born residents and that we’re literally at the crossroads of Latin America (geographically and culturally). So it’s safe to say we’re pretty darn awesome when it comes to cultural openness!


It’s flattering to see that Miami is viewed as one of the country’s best cities — although we already knew that it is, of course.

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[Featured image: Ryan Parker, Unsplash]

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