The Giant Touring Poo Is Coming Back To Miami!

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Poopourri poop emoji

Now, this… this is one to tell the grandkids, so gather round, and don’t miss this opportunity, ’cause this is your last chance!

A touring poop emoji is hitting Miami this month, and it’s suitably titled *checks notes* #LetThatšŸ’©Go. Poop emoji has set sail on a brave journey around the east coast through Texas, from Jan 17-May 31. [Main Image: @poopourri, Instagram]

Promoted by Poo-Pourri, the original before-you-go spray, the emoji plopped by Miami back in January, and is now coming back for number two (ha) on March 26-29. It originally appeared on tour last fall, as part of a marketing and mental health campaign. This time, Poo-Pourri will take their prized invention that attracts impressive crowds to 15 cities.


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Inside the giant turd, a vast interactive experience awaits eager users. Poo Pourri’s calling on all Miamians to “Come drop the toxic crap thatā€™s weighing you down” once again. Those who enter the chamber are invited to note down their worries, or their sh*t, and flush them away. It also offered them a chance to write their problems onto a tablet, before pulling a touchscreen chain to create the feeling of letting out the load.



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Last time around the Giant Poo received some of our favorite all-stars at Wynwood Marketplace such as Danny Amendola and Mark Ingram to talk about relieving ourselves of emotional loads. Now that the giant crap is coming back, we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us!!

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