All Florida Bars And Clubs Ordered To Close For Next 30 Days, Effective Today

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All Florida Bars And Clubs Ordered To Close For Next 30 Days, Effective Today

Governor DeSantis announces new guidelines for restaurants, bars and nightclubs throughout Florida.

After learning of four new coronavirus cases in the University of Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced during a press conference earlier this morning that he’d be ordering all bars and nightclubs throughout Florida to close for the next 30 days starting tonight at 5 pm.

“You’ve seen a lot of things about people congregating at some of these things,” DeSantis said, referring to the students’ persistent gathering at local establishments despite the CDC’s counterindications. “We view that as something that could be problematic for spreading the virus.”

The Governor also issued new regulations regarding the running of Florida restaurants which can remain open. He stated restaurants will have to keep to the 50% capacity limitations with parties keeping at least a 6ft. distance from each other. All restaurant employees will also have to be screened before entering the establishments to ensure they do not have COVID-19.

In Miami-Dade County, Mayor Carlos Gonzalez issued out a statement via Twitter earlier this morning announcing he was ordering all restaurants, bars, gyms and other establishments seating more than 8 people at a time to shut down starting tonight at 11 pm.

Restaurants and kitchens in Miami-Dade cities will be allowed to continue serving meals for delivery or pick-up only while restaurants in the airport and the port will be able to “remain open if warranted by those operations.”  Grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores will remain open as usual.

Feature image: Wes Lewis, Unsplash

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