5 Of The Best Activities For Dogs Around Miami

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5 Of The Best Activities For Dogs Around Miami

Miami is somewhat of a utopia for our loveable canine friends.

Great people, fantastic weather, combined with a perfect landscape with plenty of water to swim in. Yep, the dogs certainly have their day in the 305. [Main Image: @Dogtownmiami]

But, pups are pups, and they require lots of attention-based-entertainment. Thankfully, Miami also has that in abundance. Here are some ways to keep your best friend happy with activities all the time in Miami.

1. Take them to the special beach segments reserved for them


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Yes, this is Miami’s best-known location, with lots to do for our dogs. But many of the main beach lands prohibit taking our pets for a day by the sea with us. Hop over to Hobie Island Beach Park, South Pointe Park or one of the many other locations of sandy dog-heavens. Fido can swim, play with his doggie friends and head the soccer ball to their euphoric heart’s content.

2. Treat them to a meal or party at Doggie Bag Café


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As Valentine’s day approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat your dog right (with treats, basically). In a previous article, we told you about Doggie Bag Café. Here, you can share a meal with your dog, grab some take-out, host their birthday party or even just stock up on some delicious treats. Whatever you require, this Biscayne Boulevard pup-paradise has everything to keep that huge smile on their face.

3. Provide them with a pampering session at Dogtown Hotel


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The “Dog Hotel” of Miami. Dogtown is a boutique service provided to our furry friends of the 305. It offers to groom and pamper your dog, as well as providing classes with owners plus daycare. Whether its dental, nail-trimming, fur-conditioning or more, Dogtown promises to keep your dog healthy and happy. They also organize events such as dog valets for them to play at art shows, with dog photo days also planned. With two Miami locations, this is the place for dog pampering around Florida.

4. Take a day-trip to Doggy Lake for a swim


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As we all know, dogs have a tendency to sprint into the deep blue waters at the worst possible time. So, why not treat them to one of their favorite activities by taking them on a day out to enjoy a wholesome dip in a lake. Doggy Lake by Performance Pups Inc. is an outdoor space designed for dogs to take a dip in the vast waters. Swimming is exclusive to our canines, so let them off their lead to bask in the sun-kissed waters and play with all their pals they just made.

5. Let them roam free at Amelia Earhart Bark Park


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Your dog will be forever grateful to you for introducing them to this spot. With huge spaces for them to run into and even its own large section specifically for dogs, it couldn’t get more perfect for them. An obstacle course is even laid out for them to go wild in. So, you can sit back with a long book in the sun as your pet plays happily with the other dogs in this free space.

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