Over 1,000 Strangers Sang Bacharach’s “Close To You,” And It’s Absolutely Beautiful!

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Australia’s Pub Choir got over 1,000 strangers in quarantine from across 18 countries to sing a three-part harmony rendition of “Close To You,” and it’s just what we needed to hear!

The Australian organization Pub Choir has been teaching pubs-full of people who had never sung in their lives before to seamlessly perform three-part-harmony renditions of history’s greatest hits. Well, that’s until coronavirus confined the group and everyone else to their homes. But social distancing hasn’t stop Pub Choir’s director Astrid Jorgensen, who’s aptly moved the group from the pub to the couch.

About a week ago Jorgensen made the decision to launch Couch Choir the at-home version of Pub Choir and get everyone around the world singing. And we’re oh so glad she did because the result is an absolutely gorgeous rendition of Bacharach’s song…which may or may not have us sobbing uncontrollably.

For Couch Choir, singers were invited to take a look at the three videos Jorgensen posted on the group’s social media with three different harmonies and to choose the one they liked best regardless of their tone of voice, gender, age or skill and to learn it backward and forwards. Then, they were asked to send their recordings to the Australian group which compiled then into an amazing choir of virtual voices

“We’re all so far away, we thought it’d be cute to sing about being close,” said Jorgensen about choosing “Close To You” as the first song for Couch Choir and honestly we couldn’t agree more with their choice. Couch Choir’s beautiful tune strikes exactly the right chords during these trying times. Social distancing may be keeping us physically apart but we won’t let it separate us and this incredibly cute choir of strangers definitely knows it.


So excuse us while we go and play their song a gazillion times over while we wait for Couch Choir to come out with their next big hit!

Feature image: @pubchoir


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