America Eats 1.4 Billion Chicken Wings On Super Bowl Sunday

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America Eats 1.4 Billion Chicken Wings On Super Bowl Sunday

So, just like that, it’s over for another year. Kansas City Chiefs fought hard to come back, claiming Super Bowl LIV as theirs.

But, evidently, the real champions of every Super Bowl Sunday is the catering industry. More specifically, it’s the chicken shops that come out on top. [Main Image: Brian Chan, Unsplash].

Everyone knows that on top of the game, Super Bowl Sunday is about all the chicken wings, all the beers, and all the dip. So much so, it seems, that according to the National Chicken Council last year, Americans eat approximately 1.38 billion (!?!?!?) chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday.


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That’s enough wings to circle the earth three times and equates to four wings per person in the United States.

The National Chicken Council publishes an annual report on all things chicken wings leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. This year’s estimation was up from a measly 1.38 billion last year.


“Football is great. Wings are great. But they’re even better together,” said Chicken Council spokesman Tom Super prior to Super Bowl LIV. “Sure, you can have your chips, your guacamole, your pizza. But when it comes to Super Bowl menus, wings rule the roost. So grab a wet nap, dive in and help put a dent in that 1.4 billion.”


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They estimate that two-thirds of wings will be sold via takeout, with the rest being home-cooked for the various watch parties across the nation.

Combine all that with the millions of chips, pizza, guac and other snacks that we eat. Yep. That’s a full-on, truly American Super Bowl Sunday. Let’s see if they hit the big 1.5 billion when Super Bowl LV rolls around in 2021!

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