10 Best Spots For A Cafecito In Miami

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It’s cafecito time!

Frothy crema, uber-sweet demerara sugar and freshly-brewed espresso… there’s nothing quite like our beautiful cafecito! Whether you prefer it black, with a splash of milk or you go for a big colada after a restless night, cafecito is an absolute must here in Miami!

Because we can’t live without it we’ve put together a list of the 10 best spots in which to satisfy your Cuban coffee cravings every day at cafecito o’clock ( that’s 3:05 pm for those who don’t know what official cafecito time is)!


1. Mary’s Coin Laundry and Cafeteria, Coconut Grove.

Need to do your laundry but you’re also in serious need of a caffeine kick? Then head over to Mary’s Coin Laundry and Cafeteria. This lovely little shop has been providing us with a 24/7 spot in which to do our laundry since the 80s but since 2001 it has also been serving delicious cafecitos and croquetas! Their café con leche ($1.35) comes in handy when you’re doing your laundry at 2:30 am in the morning!

Find Mary’s Coin Laundry and Cafeteria at 2542 SW 27th Ave.

2. Las Palmas Cafeteria, downtown Miami

If you’re on a tight budget Las Palmas is the place to go. Enjoy a gorgeous cafecito for on only $0.80 or if you’re feeling peckish, grab their full breakfast (two eggs, toast and café con leche) for just $4.47!

Note: Las Palmas is currently open for take away and delivery only.

Find Las Palmas at 209 SE 1st St.

3. Manolo & Rene Cafeteria, downtown Miami

Open 24/7, Manolo y Rene Cafeteria has been providing us with delicious Cuban food and coffee for over 40 years now. This small spot in downtown Miami is a no-frills, super relaxed eatery perfect to get your daily dose of deliciously frothy cafecito. If you dare, get their colada for just $2.09 and enjoy a caffeine rush that will have you running around electrified all day long!

Pro tip: This eatery is cash-only so don’t forget to head over to the ATM before hitting Manolo & Rene Cafeteria!

Find Manolo & Rene Cafeteria at 188 NE 3rd Ave.

4. El Exquisito, Little Havana


This historic café in Little Havana has been providing Miamians with cafecito since 1974. A total staple of Miami Cuban coffee culture, this restaurant serves everyone’s favorite Café La Llave. Enjoy their café con leche for $2.16 or go big with one of their coladas for only $1.77!

Find El Exquisito at 1510 SW 8th St.

5. Versailles, Little Havana

Can we imagine life without Café Versailles, let alone cafecito time? Probably not. A total staple of the Miami Cuban cuisine and coffee culture, this restaurant has been around since 1971 and is now a must for any local or visitor that comes to the Magic City. Enjoy one of their delicious espressos with a guava pastelito on the side for a total of just $3.00!

Find Café Versailles at 3555 SW 8th St.

6. David’s Cafe Cafecito, Miami Beach

David’s Cafe has really been around since the 1940s. Previously a Jewish Deli, the cafe has been in the hands of Adrian Gonzalez’s family since the 70s who decided to keep the spot’s original name inspired by the deli’s popularity. Now it’s a prime spot for Cuban cuisine serving delicious cafecitos 24/7. Perfect for when you need a little pick me up after a full night of partying. Enjoy an espresso for just $1.99 or $2.95  if you want to add in a splash of milk!


Note: David’s Cafe Cafecito is only available for take-away and delivery at the moment.

Find David’s Cafe Cafecito at 919 Alton Rd.

7. Puerto Sagua, Miami Beach

if you happen to get a Cuban coffee craving while in Miami Beach, Puerto Sagua is the perfect spot for some cafecito and croquetas ($1.30) on-the-go. If you’ve got a bit more time or re feeling especially hungry, make sure to step into Puerto Sagua and enjoy some delicious fried plantains ($4.50) and their delicious Cuban Hamburger ($4.75).

Find Puerto Sagua at 700 Collins Ave.

8. Lario’s on the Beach, South Beach

Owned by Miami’s royal family, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Lario’s on the Beach is one of the coolest spots in South Beach in which to enjoy a cafecito. Grab a seat on their terrace and enjoy the beautiful views while sipping on one of their awesome cafecitos made with their own Estefan Kitchen coffee!

Find Lario’s on the Beach at  820 Ocean Dr. 

9. Islas Canarias, West Miami

Established back in 1977,  you may remember Islas Canarias as the restaurant in which Anthony Bourdain had his cafecito during the Miami episode of Parts Unknown. This restaurant is another staple of Cuban culture in Miami. So much so it has its very own holiday. Yes, you read that right. July 19 is the official day of Islas Canarias Restaurant in Miami. Like Bourdain, you can also enjoy its delicious cafecito for just $1.89 and while you’re at it, dig into their croquetas, they’re one of the best ones in Miami!

Find Islas Canarias at 13695 SW 26th St.

10. Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop, Wynwood

The go-to spot in Wynwood for Cuban food, Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop is a cafeteria-style restaurant in which locals get their fill of delicious and hearty Cuban dishes. Enjoy one of their amazing coladas for $1.90. But beware, their coffee ventanilla gets especially busy around lunchtime, so go ready to wait in line for a cup of their Cuban coffee!

Find Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop at 186 NE 29th St.

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