All Marinas Closed Last Night After Executive Order From Miami-Dade Mayor Amid Coronavirus

Charli Renken Charli Renken

All Marinas Closed Last Night After Executive Order From Miami-Dade Mayor Amid Coronavirus

Stay off your boats, people.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced late Sat that all marinas would close at midnight. This is the latest amendment to the county emergency order, which also closed all parks and beaches last week in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This decision was made after local news reported large groups of people partying on boats in the marina.

The mayor also announced that further measures would be taken to enforce the new order, including ramping up police forces patrolling on the water. All ramps and marinas will be closed, except for those used by commercial fishermen.

The number of people hanging out near the sandbar violated state and federal recommendations to limit gatherings to 10. This is particularly concerning as Miami-Dade already has 768 cases, with 169 new cases yesterday in Miami-Dade alone.

“I am disappointed to see photos and videos on social media of boats close together and large groups of people congregating,” Mayor Gimenez said in a statement. “These sacrifices in our social lives are critical NOW in order to defeat COVID-19. Those of you not following these guidelines are putting others at risk, perhaps your own family and friends. And, you could be contributing to a much longer scenario and further shutdowns in our community.”


A “2020 Sandbar Boat and Jetski Party” was scheduled to take place today despite local and federal recommendations, with fliers for the event seen around town, something the mayor finds “truly disheartening, but mostly worrisome.” The event organizers announced on Instagram that the party will be postponed.

Feature photo: @miami_ocean_tours

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