Super Nintendo World Officially Confirmed For Universal’s Epic Universe

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Super Nintendo World Officially Confirmed For Universal’s Epic Universe

Mama Mia, what a day for Mario, eh?

He, along with Luigi and the gang, will be waking up as jubilant as we are at the news that Nintendo world has a new lease in Orlando. And who can blame him? He’s got a whole new world to explore just as we will. [Main Image: @nintendo, Instagram].

Opening as part of Universal World’s Epic Universe, Nintendo confirmed yesterday the new dreamscape will land in 2023. It comes after news that the first location, in Tokyo, will open this summer.

Orlando Informer has teased fans with the unconfirmed news that the land will include a Mario Kart ride, focus in on the Super Mario Bros edition and include a Yoshi experience. But, you’ll have to keep your wits about you. There’s also said to be gigantic piranha plants lurking around ready to send you back to restart the level. But with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and the whole team on your side, we’re sure it won’t come to that.


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Better still, organizers say there will be special “power-up” wristbands handed out to connect to an app. This is said to ensure that attendees feel like they are fully immersed in an entire world of gaming interaction. The app will provide you with a map of the world, packed with different achievements for users to unlock.

So, after months of waiting for an official announcement, we finally have the news we craved of being able to hang out with Mario. Now, just the small matter of a three-year gap. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose…

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