5 Gorgeous Natural Springs To Check Out Around Miami

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5 Gorgeous Natural Springs To Check Out Around Miami
If you’re looking to go for a refreshing dip and you’ve got time to spare, then we highly suggest going on a short road trip to check out one of Florida’s absolutely stunning springs. Sure some of these may require a slightly long car drive, but the heavenly, restorative power of nature all but makes up for it, not to mention they’re a great option when you need to escape from Miami’s suffocating heat and the hustle and bustle of the city. Check these out:

1. Ginnie Springs

Hidden away in High Springs, FL, this stunning natural park of blue lagoons and wondrous underwater caves is waiting for you to explore its crystalline waters. Home to the Devil’s Eye a spooky underwater cave perfect for scuba divers, Ginnie Springs is also an ideal destination for just floating away and paddling.

Find it at  7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643. 

2. Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park

Home to a large, second-magnitude spring that pumps over 44 million gallons of water every day,  Gilchrist Springs is known for its crystal-clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling, paddling and swimming while admiring the scenic vistas.

Find it at 7450 NE 60th St, High Springs, FL 32643.

3. Ocala National Forest

Located in the very heart of the Sunshine State, Ocala National Forest is home to four gorgeous natural springs perfect for snorkeling among the local wildlife and through mysterious natural grottos!


4. Rainbow Springs State Park

Featuring man-made ornamental gardens, built waterfalls and sloping hills Rainbow Springs is the least natural-looking spring on our list, but an absolute must-see nonetheless, especially if you enjoy canoeing and kayaking!

5. Wekiwa Springs State Park

A concrete wall along the edge of the swamp keeps the wildlife at bay from Wekiwa’s azure waters. The surrounding hammocks still keep their wild appearance and make this spring an absolute oasis! If you’re still looking to enjoy some of the local wildlife, then we suggest hopping on a kayak and wonder down the nearby river!

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