Knauss Berry Farm Reopens Today & Yes, There Will Be Cinnamon Rolls!

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Knauss Berry Farm Reopens Today & Yes, There Will Be Cinnamon Rolls!

And it’s likely bringing back its uber-famous cinnamon rolls with it!

Rejoice cinnamon-roll connoisseurs and Knaus Berry Farm lovers, because it looks like the popular farm is reopening for its 65th season next month on Tuesday, October 26! The Homestead farm has already started planting its strawberry plants and has been getting ready for another exciting season of plenty of u-pick products and, of course, fresh cinnamon rolls.

The farm is known for its sheer-perfect cinnamon rolls for which fans usually line up for hours outside the farm’s bakery. Lines usually start early in the morning around 8:30 a.m. when the bakery opens and can even go past the two-hour mark. But we’re honestly not surprised fans are willing to wait that long for a fresh batch, the rolls look absolutely incredible!

Last year, Knaus Berry Farm reopened its doors just in time to make the strange year a little bit sweeter and with new safety measures in place. The farm complied with all CDC and Miami-Dade guidelines and staff wore masks, keeping social distance,  but farm officials refused to get rid of the bakery line rituals since it’d take out from the Knaus traditional experience.



The menu was also much more concise, with fewer pie options and almost no freshly-baked bread but the farm did not forgo its most loyal fans offering its oh-so-famous, ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls — We can’t wait to hear what else will be on offer this year though!

Just like last season, there will be a daily limit as to how many rolls each customer can purchase and the rolls will be sold by the dozen for $14.50, or $1.75 apiece.

As always, Knaus Berry Farm remains cash-only so make sure to stop by the ATM before getting your hands on some of their totally amazing rolls!

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