Learn How Evolution Has Shaped Diversity In Human Skin At The Frost Science Museum

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum Of Science Skin Exhibition

From the shiny coat of a cougar to our very own soft skin, it’s easy to see the diversity of skin in the natural world. But what makes this seemingly delicate organ one of the most complex? 

You can discover the superpowers of skin in Skin: Living Armor, Evolving Identity, a new special exhibition having its East Coast premiere at Frost Science in Downtown Miami.

Our skin protects us from the outside world and makes us who we are. In this bilingual, multi-sensory exhibition, you’ll be able to examine the meaning humans have associated with skin color and discover its properties across an array of organisms.

Presented by the Miami Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health, the exhibition features rarely-seen specimens, fascinating interactives and thought-provoking investigations that will teach you more about how skin shapes social and physical interactions with other organisms and the environment and protects each individual.

Dozens of specimens from world-class research collections will help you explore the shape-shifting, color-changing and adaptable nature of skin as well as the technological innovations it inspires.

Most importantly, the exhibition dives deeper to explore how evolution has shaped the diversity in human skin and how much we have yet to learn about the underlying genetics of skin color.

Skin will have you investigating the layers of meaning humans have attributed to skin color throughout history and how ever-changing politics and society have helped shape ideas of race, identity and culture.

Skin: Living Armor, Evolving Identity is now open inside the Hsiao Family Special Exhibition Gallery on the first floor of the museum and will be on view through Sunday, April 3, 2022. Admission is included with all museum tickets which you can book by visiting Frost Science’s website here.

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