You Can Cruise Through Magical Neon Blue Waters At This National Park Just A Few Hours From Miami

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You Can Cruise Through Magical Neon Blue Waters At This National Park Just A Few Hours From Miami

Explore Indian River Lagoon at nighttime to discover a magical world of fluorescent blue waters.

There’s no shortage of natural wonders to discover here in the Sunshine State, but one of the most magical ones may just be the bioluminescent waters of the Indian River Lagoon in Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Caused by a chemical reaction, bioluminescence is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs when living organisms react to water,  lighting it up with an ethereal blue glow. In Indian River Lagoon, near Titusville, there are several places in which to witness this utterly captivating spectacle.

Jump on a kayak or a paddleboard and go cruising through the Lagoon as you surround yourself with the ethereal blue glow of the glittering waters. As you paddle your way through, you’ll notice how the neon blue waters light up everything they touch like little fish and seagrass down below, and even manatees if you’re lucky enough! You’ll discover a wondrous underwater world, so surreal and magical, you’ll feel like you’re dreaming!

The best time to catch this rare event is usually in the summer from June through mid-October during the darkest nights of the month ( you can always check the lunar calendar to make sure you head out on new moon nights!) To visit the bioluminescent bay of Indian River Lagoon the best way is to do it on a kayak or paddleboat tour — There’s even one offered by the tour group, BK Adventure, that lets you explore the waters on a clear kayak so you can watch the glowing water ripple below you as you kayak through it!


If you can’t manage to book your tour during the summer, don’t despair! Indian River Lagoon is home to a second bioluminescent occurrence that takes place November through May. During these months, another kind of organism known as comb jelly usually washes ashore in the area making the beaches of Florida’s Space coast glow with their wonderful blue light.

A total-must when it comes to unique Florida experiences, kayaking or paddleboarding through the glittering waters of Indian River Lagoon is a totally enchanting experience that every Miamian should try at least once in their lifetime.

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