Miami’s Epic ‘Money Heist: The Experience’ Is Finally Open & Here’s What It’s Like Inside

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Miami’s Epic ‘Money Heist: The Experience’ Is Finally Open & Here’s What It’s Like Inside

El Profesor and his infamous band of bandits has taken hold of the Alfred I. DuPont Building for their most epic heist yet! Miami’s highly-anticipated Money Heist: The Experience opened on Friday, October 29, in the heart of Downtown and we simply could not miss out on this epic experience.

Photo: Secret Miami

We were able to take a special first look at the experience and it was just as badass as we thought it’d be!

What is Money Heist: The Experience like?

Alfred I. duPont Building: The place where it all starts

Photo: Secret Miami

Note: This article contains no spoilers, we wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for you!

First, there are a few safety rules you’ll need to follow: maintain the safety distance, don’t touch the actors, and make sure you keep your mask on at all times. Oh, and make sure you wear comfortable clothes. We’ll tell you why in a bit.

You won’t be allowed into the experience with your camera or phone either. But don’t worry all your belongings will be kept safely inside lockers — just don’t lose the key!

Money Heist: The Experience kicks off with a walk around a room full of DuPont Building’s impressive treasures. Everything is fun and games until you and your group get involved in a global heist and are forced to collaborate with the highjackers.

Get your red suit on!

Photo: Secret Miami

Getting your very own red suit might just be one of the most thrilling moments of this adventure. The famous overalls will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into the TV show and will totally get you in the mood for some heisting! They are available for everyone in all sizes and have been previously washed and sanitized to ensure everyone’s safety.

Once your red suit is on the adrenaline kicks in! We can’t tell you what and how it happens or we’ll ruin the surprise… Just be ready for a few surprises.

Professional actors

Photo: Secret Miami

Money Heist: The Experience’s outstanding group of actors are what makes this adventure incredibly fun and exhilarating helping transport you right into your favorite TV show.

There are good guys and bad guys, traitors, and heroes as well as plenty of unexpected turns that will keep you second-guessing all experience long. You’ll be immersed in an adrenaline-packed production full of special effects,live-action, and exciting quests that will put your heisting skills to the test.

By now you’ll probably have noticed why it was a good idea to wear comfy clothes… So much adrenaline will likely make you very warm!

Leave shyness at the door

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A positive, fearless attitude will be key to having fun and enjoying the experience. Besides the special quests, there will be times when actors will ask you to carry out your own role. So forget being just a spectator you’re part of the gang now and you’re running on borrowed time — there’s none left for being shy!

Honestly, some of the most fun moments were those in which audience members had to improvise in the middle of a scene. Some of them even seemed to have this heisting thing down to a tee!

The end of the experience

Photo: Secret Miami

Your last stop will be the cocktail bar. Here you’ll be able to enjoy some awesome themed cocktails inspired by your favorite characters and which will certainly help revive your spirits after so much action!

If you booked your tickets for the evening show, getting to the cocktail bar will be the perfect way of ending your evening. But if you booked them for the morning run, you’re bound to find some great, pre-lunch aperitifs. And don’t forget to stop by the experience’s awesome gift shop for some “I hijacked the DuPont vault and I’m now part of La Familia” souvenirs.

But if you thought you were done with surprises think again — An amazing photo op also waits at the end of the experience so you and your friends can take pictures like the true members of La Familia.

Photo: Secret Miami

An awesome setup featuring masked bandits will be waiting for you at the end of the road so you can take some awesome pictures as souvenirs. There are also props like fake money, gold bars, and fake shotguns to make your pictures look extra real!

If you’re still having doubts about what the experience will be like, take a look at this sneak peek video below:


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