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Travel To Distant Corners Of The World At This Magical Concert Series In Upper Buena Vista

By Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Travel To Distant Corners Of The World At This Magical Concert Series In Upper Buena Vista

Journey to distant corners of the Earth while enjoying the eclectic sounds of this intimate, multicultural concert series at Palapa Miami.

Upper Buena Vista’s enchanting Palapa Miami is hosting a series of unique and intimate concerts featuring a wide range of genres and performers — and it’s the perfect way to enjoy a magical night out in Miami in a safe and socially distant way.

Take in the entrancing tunes and allow yourself to be whisked away to far, distant lands by Miami’s best musicians while enjoying some light refreshments at this enchanting urban oasis. There are multiple concerts to choose from!

Discover a unique mix of  Yemenite, West African, Latin & Jazz influences with the Yemen Blues and take in this beautiful concert that combines traditional Yemenite melodies and instruments including all sorts of percussion, even empty jerry cans with jazz, blues and funk to come up with a sound that’s like nothing we’ve ever heard before.

Or, explore the mystical sounds of South Asia and their roots in the animal kingdom at “ANIMYSTIC EXPEDITION.” Created and arranged by Stephan Mikes, the show will take you on a journey through space and time full of reggae, soul, Latin and rock music.

For a  modern and sultry experience attend ” Kayla & the Palapa Keepers,” a burlesque-style cabaret featuring an extravagant duo of acrobats, and plenty of dance and erotism.  And if you’re a fan of acoustic music, make sure to check out The Gilmar Gomes Collective’s Original Concert Series. Or, for a joyous evening of transcendental music join“AGUA BENDITA,” a vibrant live acoustic tribute to the multifacetedness of a South Florida stereo featuring Cuban, Jamaican, and American funk tunes by PinoGrillo.

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Kayla & the Palapa Keepers - An Open-Air Intimate Circus Style Cabaret

September 17, 2021 7:30 PM (View more details)
From $70.00