Spend A Magical Evening At Palapa In Upper Buena Vista With These Mesmerizing Candlelit Concerts

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Spend A Magical Evening At Palapa In Upper Buena Vista With These Mesmerizing Candlelit Concerts

Indulge in a magical evening full of music at Palapa in Upper Buena Vista with these concert series by Candlelight.

Experience classical music in a whole new light with these mesmerizing concerts by candlelight at Palapa’s beautiful outdoor venue in Upper Buena Vista. Simply known as Candlelight, this Fever Originals event invites everyone to relive the greatest works of classical music, from Vivaldi to Mozart to Bach, in an intimate atmosphere.

With countless flickering candles illuminating this unique space, Candlelight will present an ensemble of classical music over the course of 65 mesmerizing minutes. You can already be a classical fan, but if you’re new to the music you can still simply sit back and savor the stunning pieces you’ll hear, including “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and More” and “Beethoven’s Best Works.”  Indulge in the most beautiful classical numbers exquisitely performed by the talented Listesso String Quartet.

Palapa’s exquisite venue hosts various global kitchens from Upper Buena Vista Community including Fare East street food, Mayan inspired Mexican dishes, Turkish mezzes and carpaccios that you’ll be able to enjoy before your show.

Note: For the safety of our audience, all of the candlelight will be provided through flameless candles.

Previous performances have sold out in a matter of days. But as more performances come to light, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of new concerts featuring other classical composers like Tchaikovsky as well as other genres like jazz, pop and specialty concerts such as Candlelight’s “Celebrating Día de los Muertos,” Halloween series.  The Candlelight series takes place twice each night with two back to back 60-65 minute performances. Doors will open 30 minutes prior to each show.

Candlelight offers an experience like no other in the city. Book your tickets now and secure your spot at one of these mesmerizing concerts.

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